Performing Data Visualisation on Cycling Data

One of our more learned members on all things cycling and data science, Matt Whittle (Twitter, WordPress), presented a working seminar/tutorial on mapping data using R QGIS and JS. Matt’s project is to measure the cycling rates in various counties around the UK, and identify cycling hot spots in contrast to air pollution levels. Matt’s project has also garnered interest from Parliament, so our event was like a little preview (or maybe a practice run).

During the session Matt guided members through the process of creating an interactive map using R, QGIS and JS from the initial setting up of site structures, through to creating the map itself. It’s based on work he did for Road Safety Week, who are switching some of their focus to the air pollution caused by congested roads, and not just the singing hedgehogs who are surely a fixture in most British kids’ memories from the last thirty years. Many of our members are familiar with R but not so much QGIS so it was an interesting experience all round to use some specific data mapping software.


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