What can Elite Sport teach us about Effective Analytics?

Our first speaker event (ever! but also of Semester II) featured Professor Bill Gerrard discussing what sports analytics can bring to analytics as a whole field. After speaking about his background and path into sports analytics from a start in economics and econometrics, Bill covered three topics; what does Moneyball tell us about using analytics effectively; why simple is often the best in analytics in sport and business; what skills do you need to be a great analyst?

It was a fascinating session and great to hear Bill’s insight, driven from his work with Billy Beane and then on bringing analytics to the UK. It seemed like a tough start but as anyone who even watches the highlights of any televised sport in the UK these days, it has now taken off with gusto. We’re really pleased our first event was a success and hope to hold follow up sessions with Bill, and with other guest speakers too!


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