About Leeds Data Soc

The Leeds Data Science Society is for anyone at the University of Leeds interested in the field of “big data” and analytics. We welcome anyone from developers, to data scientists, to those who are simply curious about data science but don’t know where to start. We also welcome those at fellow universities, institutions or industries who want to work with us – we would love to hear from you!

We are a fledgling society but already we have held workshops on using Python, R, and QGIS for data analysis (though not all at once!), and are hosting events from speakers from as diverse fields as Sports Analytics (Bill Gerrard) and HR. Over the summer, we are aiming to host a major workshop ourselves, where we will work together to produce some valuable analytics on a chosen topic, and attend events further afield such as workshops in York, Sheffield, Manchester and London.

Most of all, we want to count ourselves as part of the growing data science community in Leeds, Yorkshire and the North of England, making the most of our resources like the CDRC at the University, the HSCIC in the city centre, and forge connections with the ODI node and Leeds Data Mill. Academically, this means we hope to connect and encourage our fellow White Rose universities to get into data science with us, which could bring benefits to Sheffield’s world renowned robotics engineers or York’s medics and biologists.

Overall, the aim is to create an environment where people can learn, network, and ultimately, together build up a community for data science based, but not limited to, the city of Leeds. From a standing start in December, we now have over 70 members across all three education levels at the university (UG, PG and PhD) from a variety of different schools such as Business, Earth and Environment, and Engineering. As our society grows, we are finding it going from strength to strength as we include more people with diverse backgrounds to bring their insight to data problems.


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