What we’ve been reading: January

Our society members are university students and therefore, do a lot of reading!

Here are some of the most interesting things we’ve read and shared for the month of (December and) January.

Commuters using Oyster - TfL Press
Commuters using Oyster Cards. Credit: TfL’s Press photos on Flickr.

Matt posted Transport for London’s blog about customer data  from from TfL’s API systems out to developers. TfL are trying to simplify the outputs from their APIs to ensure that developers can get good use out of the information provided – the volume of data that TfL produces means that it can be easy to drown in a sea of oyster journeys. Loading 1.5bn journeys to grind through a year’s worth of data is probably a great way to crash your machine!


R fiddle interface
Loading R-Fiddle.

“Those who are eager to get started and work on R on the go over the holidays (yay!) should check out R-fiddle!” This was Karen’s suggestion for some holiday coding. R-Fiddle is an in-browser console from the people behind Datacamp . R-Fiddle was designed to provide a rough and ready environment for quick coding needs without needing to sign in or sign up to online services, or wait for R to load on computers. It’s mobile friendly too, just in case that spark of inspiration hits you on the bus.


CDRC Masters Dissertation HeaderLawrence posted news from his research centre regarding Masters’ dissertation projects that the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) are advertising. The CDRC is led by the University of Leeds and UCL, in partnership with Oxford and Liverpool.  The Centre works together with industry partners to gain insight from the wealth of consumer data available in the UK. CDRC projects are sponsored by companies as diverse as Sainsburys, Boots and Eon, and you can check them out here.